Gerry Lightfoot and Gareth Norval from Pickfords Removals Milton Keynes win customer service award!

Pickfords celebrates excellent customer service by recognizing and rewarding its removals teams and move co-ordinators in the monthly Pickfords ‘Moving with Quality’ awards. 

Milton Keynes removal men Gerry Lightfoot and Gareth Norval took the move team standard ‘being flexible’ to the very limit when they undertook a backload from Tyneside in October  The customer was an 87 year old lady who was moving down to Gloucestershire to live near her daughter. 

Everything didn’t go to plan, and there were problems with the house sale at the property she was moving into. Alarm bells started ringing at 3pm when the crew and the customer were waiting at the delivery address with no keys.   

The news arrived that there was a problem with the paperwork at the solicitors.  Back at Milton Keynes branch, the operational team anticipated the worst and began to create a contingency plan by arranging for the goods to come into store.  

Meanwhile Gerry and Gareth were comforting the customer, who was very stressed by the events as they were unfolding. 

They stressed to their operator that they did not want to leave her as she was getting very upset. At about 5.30pm the final papers were signed with the solicitors so the customer could collect the keys. 

The move therefore took much later than anticipated and despite an 86 mile journey back to base later that evening,  they both had no qualms about staying and delivering the items to ensure that customer was settled that night.

The comments from the customer were: “Your removals crew were magnificent in the face of stress and solicitor induced near disaster.  Without their co-operation and good humour this would have been a disaster. Three cheers and well done!”

 Congratulates to Gerry Lightfoot and Gareth Norval who demonstrated that they are great examples of Moving with Quality standards

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