Pickfords moves the Mansell collection

Pickfords recently completed a high-profile move for motor racing legend Nigel Mansell, relocating his collection of sports memorabilia from Exeter to a new home on the island of Jersey.

The Mansell collection includes two of Nigel’s iconic Formula One racing cars, the 1989 Ferrari 640, driven to victory on Nigel’s Ferrari debut in Jacarepaguá, Brazil, and the Williams FW14B with which Mansell dominated the 1992 season, winning nine of 16 races and the Formula One Driver’s Championship.

The move, totalling six racing cars and several hundred cubic feet of other items including racing overalls, helmets, trophies and other precious memorabilia, was handled by Pickfords’ Exeter branch. The team spent several days packing up the Collection to ensure it would be protected during transit, and unpacked everything in the new Mansell Collection building in Jersey.

“We were delighted to be selected by The Mansell Collection to move Nigel’s priceless collection of memorabilia from his racing career,” said Pickfords Director of Business Solutions Mark Herrington. “Our team brought our considerable expertise in moving high-value, precious and fragile items to bear, with Nigel’s Formula One cars alone valued at more than £1m each.”

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