Anna Hart; Styling your home for the perfect photographs

Zoopla offer some great tips for readying your home for photography before it goes on the market. Blog

The first thing that almost all buyers look at while browsing properties online are the photographs. If they don’t like the look of the house from the photos, they probably won’t bother looking at the rest of the listing – and you can make a huge difference to the appeal of your photographs by styling specifically for the camera.

07.07.14 Anna Hart 5

Anna’s top five tips for getting great photos

Look for the best angles. Ask the photographer which angle they intend to take for each room. Stand behind the camera and assess what you see – could there be a better angle? The best property photographers don’t shoot from eye level either – they use a tripod at around hip-height, which brings the viewer further into the room.

  1. Move anything that gets in the way of – or creates a lack of – balance in the shot. In particular, get rid of anything that…

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