Goodwill gesture helps cancer patient stay comfortable

A huge thank you to Branch Co-ordinator Peter Robbins and the Manchester team for their recent kind-hearted efforts, helping a critically ill man by moving his new sofa free of charge.

The customer, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, had ordered a brand new sofa that was more comfortable and suited to his needs. Having arranged delivery from a local outlet centre, unfortunately the delivery men were unable to get it into his flat, and so were forced to leave it in the communal hallway.

After the customer’s relatives got in touch with Pickfords, the Manchester team paid a visit and were able to manoeuvre the new sofa into the flat, deciding not to charge for the work as a gesture of goodwill.

A close relative was quick to thank Peter Robbins and team:

“Please our deepest thanks to you, and your colleagues’, efforts today. You were all truly professionals and all went well above, and beyond, the call of duty.

My brother was very overwhelmed by your generosity in giving your time, skill, and effort to help his situation. As you know he has terminal cancer and being able to lie down fully on his sofa makes a great deal of very positive difference to his quality of life.”

Well done to all involved.

Truck Pulling Out JPG

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