Today is the busiest moving day of the year!

Pickfords’ Move Monitor reveals latest moving trends

On Friday 29th August, the nation is downing tools and turning its back on long weekend lie-ins in favour of moving home!

Today will be the busiest moving day of the year, as hundreds of families choose to move house.

Pickfords tracks around 30,000 house moves each year, and using year-on-year analysis of data can pinpoint which date will see most removal trucks rumbling up and down the motorways helping families to transition to new homes.

Pickfords’ spokesperson Lyndsey Daykin isn’t surprised that the last Friday of August is such a popular time to move:

“We have seen a real increase in movement in the housing market this year and all of our research points to a huge surge in house moves at the end of August.   We believe our customers are keen to make the most of the good weather and with the children off school, it’s the perfect time to move”


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