Pickfords’ powerboat in the press for round 1

The Pickfords Powerboat was recently driven into 3rd place by husband and wife team David & Kirsty Toozs-Hobson in round 1 of the 2015 P1 SuperStock Championship at Scarborough. Local press has since been buzzing with excitement at the eventful race weekend, in anticipation of the next stage in Gosport on 11 July:

Pickfords racers Kirsty David Kootz-Hobson with Tim Wilkins, CEO of event sponsors Dale Power Solutions

Pickfords racers Kirsty David Tootz-Hobson with Tim Wilkins, CEO of event sponsors Dale Power Solutions

“P1 SuperStock makes a splash in Scarborough”
The Scarborough News, 04/06/15

“P1’s first ever visit to Scarborough attracted a big crowd to the picturesque South Bay as the fleet of 11 boats engaged battle in the Yorkshire sunshine.”

“Williams and Robinson get off to a flying start at P1 Scarborough Grand Prix of the Sea 2015”
Royal Yachting Association, 01/06/15

“Crowds wowed by Grand Prix of the sea”
The Scarborough News, 01/06/15

“The atmosphere was fantastic. The crowds on Saturday were amazing with the seafront and piers full of spectators.”

“Williams & Robinson get off to a flying start”
Powerboat P1 SuperStock, 01/06/15

“We talk to Robert Wicks about the opening day of the new season”
Powerboat P1, 30/05/15

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

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