Snapped cable spells disaster for Pickfords powerboat!

It was an eventful first, and only, race for the Pickfords powerboat at the final P1 Superstock Championship at Bournemouth this weekend!

Starting out strong, Pickfords climbed from 6th to 3rd place over two laps, but disaster struck just before the final lap when a vital cable snapped and the boat had to be towed back to shore!

Rough conditions meant that Pickfords were one of five boats that had to pull out due to damages, with three boats’ engines failing!

With no time to fix the powerboat ahead of Saturday’s second race, all hope was on Sunday’s events. Unfortunately Pickfords navigator Chris Scriber suffered a minor back injury just before the first race, meaning that, without a co-pilot, the boat couldn’t take part on the final day.

Thankfully Chris had fully recovered as of Monday morning, and in spite an ill-fated final weekend, a strong start to the Championship has kept Pickfords in 6th place to finish.

Pickfords employees from the Bournemouth branch and head office visited the marina as spectators, with some, including Managing Director Russell Start, braving the water and taking rides on the boat. Bruised and battered after several bumpy rides, the guests nonetheless had a great time and look forward to next year’s Championship!

P1 Powerboat Bournemouth 2015 Tim Piper

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

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