How does Canadian culture differ from the UK?


A highly-sought destination for British expats looking for like-minded hosts, Canada offers an open immigration policy, high quality, affordable healthcare and multi-sector job vacancies.

As with any new country, expats will experience a range of cultural differences that may jar at first, but over time will serve as a positive reminder of why you originally decided to move abroad:

Distance means nothing

The sheer size of The Great White North means that Canadians have a different concept of distance to Brits. In Canada, travelling for several hours is nothing; residents drive long distances every day for work and leisure, usually out of necessity as many towns are thirty miles apart!

Nature is highly regarded

Between these secluded neighbourhoods lie vast expanses of diverse flora. Canada’s deep respect for nature is expressed through countless hikers, joggers, photographers and artists taking in these sites come rain or shine (or snow!). While many Brits see the great outdoors as a holiday destination, ‘getting back to nature’ is more a way of life for the typical Canadian.

Patriotism abounds

Anyone familiar with our Royal Family will know that the UK is no stranger to patriotism, but this takes on a different meaning in Canada. Maple leaf flags and emblems are everywhere! Locals are incredibly proud of their country, and most have a strong allegiance to their province or region.

Foreigners are welcome without reserve

While British patriotism can be seen as hostile to outsiders, Canadian flag-waving translates to a welcoming attitude where foreigners choosing to stay is a compliment to their country.

Friendliness is a given

Similar to their southern neighbours, Canadians are incredibly amiable to strangers, typically greeting them on the street. This may be uncomfortable for those used to the British reserve, but long-term expats will soon get used to it and learn to respond in kind.

Sport(s) on ice prevail

While football (soccer) in Canada has a following akin to the UK, this pales in comparison to their love of ice hockey (known simply as ‘hockey’). Also popular are Canadian football, lacrosse and curling.

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