Top 6 things to do before you move abroad


Last week we looked at general tips for moving house, whether within the UK or further afield. If you are planning to live overseas, however, there are a few extra things to check off the list before you take the trip:

1. Sort out the paperwork

Finalise your visa and work permits and make sure your passport is valid. Make copies of important documents (birth and marriage certificates, deeds and customs information) to keep them with you during the move.

2. Don’t forget the pets!

Make travel arrangements for any pets you wish to take with you and make sure their vaccinations and travel documents are up to date.

3. Book your transport

Book your flight/s and car rental; apply for a driving licence at destination if required.

4. Check compatibility of your electronics

Make sure any electronics you wish to take will work in your destination country (TVs, DVD players and anything else with a plug socket). You will likely need to buy local plug adaptors, plus a multi-region DVD player if moving outside Europe.

5. Get ready to travel

Separate your hand luggage from your consignment and purchase any required travel items (entertainment, comfort items, sleep aids).

6. Book your international removal company

Arrange for a home survey, packing, shipping and any storage needed with your removal company.

For a complete removal and storage service from the UK to overseas, including expert customs and travel advice, click here to contact Pickfords or call 0800 019 8557.


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