Moving back to the UK: a repat checklist


Has the sun set on your time abroad? Whatever your reason for returning to the UK, there are a number of things to remember as you prepare. Here’s our handy checklist for UK repatriates:

Get your tax affairs in order:

Update your health records:

  • Register with a UK GP and dentist
  • Notify your medical and travel insurance providers
  • Transfer your GP, dental and other healthcare records to the UK

Sort out your children’s schools:

  • Notify your children’s host schools that they will be leaving
  • Contact your local UK education authority to arrange school places in your home county

Prepare to move home:

  • Arrange to sell or end the lease on your foreign property
  • Arrange for accommodation in the UK
  • Notify your bank, building society, utility companies and local council (for electoral registration) in both your host country and the UK of your new address
  • Arrange to have your mail forwarded to the UK
  • Book your international removal company

If you’re looking to return to the UK, find out about moving with Pickfords, get a quote or contact us on 0800 019 8557 or

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