How to declutter your garage or shed

Remember when the garage was just for your car, and the shed just for your gardening tools? If you have junk piling up in these once-functional storage areas, follow these simple tips to reclaim your space:

Be ruthless

For every item you come across, try to remember when you last made use of it. If you haven’t used something in the last year, do you really need it? Rather than throwing everything away, you can resell, recycle or donate usable items to charity.

Use wall hooks

The trick to maximising space is to consider every area that can be used for storage, including the walls. Install some wall hooks for bikes, gardening and sports equipment, and even hanging baskets to keep those extra odds and ends. Peg boards are also a great way to store certain items, particularly smaller tools that you need close to hand.

Consider ceiling storage

The ceiling of your garage or shed can be ideal for some out-of-the-way storage space. Use ceiling hooks or overhead racks for items only needed occasionally.

Install some shelving

Clear your floor space with some heavy duty shelving units. Place items you’ll use most often at the front, at waist or eye level, and everything else can go behind, above or below.

Invest in sturdy storage boxes

Stackable plastic storage boxes are ideal to keep your belongings organised and somewhat protected against damp and cold. For optimum organisation, place different types of items in different coloured boxes, or label each box for easy reference.

Replace the garage door

Garage doors that open inward severely limit the amount of available storage. Invest in a roller door or any other type that retracts vertically to really open up the space.

Utilise professional storage

We all have belongings we only need once a year, but for the remaining eleven months just seem to cause unnecessary clutter. All those Christmas and Halloween decorations, camping equipment, snow shovels and garden furniture can all be stored in your local Self Store facility or storage warehouse. Leave your seasonal belongings with the professionals until you need them next.

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