How to create the perfect home office

With more and more of us working remotely, the home office is becoming an increasingly popular feature of modern properties. Whether you’re moving home or repurposing a room in your current property, there are several ways to make sure your home office is fit for business:

Choosing the right room
If you have one, the spare bedroom is an ideal place to set up your home office. Swapping out the double bed for a fold-out sofa or installing a pull-out desk can help maximise the space and keep the room multi-functional. Similar adjustments can be made to living or dining rooms to the same end, or if you’re feeling bold, an unused loft or even gardening shed can be converted for the ultimate out-of-the-way office space.

Planning your storage space
Combining existing space with newly-created storage will help create an efficient, easy-to-access filing system. Make use of any available drawers or book cases for paperwork and other essentials, and purchase some stackable plastic storage boxes for flexible filing. Under-bed boxes are ideal for multi-function rooms, while making use of different colours or labels is great for easy reference.

Considering window proximity
If possible, position your desk nearby and facing a window. This way you’ll reap the benefits of natural light, and be encouraged to look away from your screen on occasion. Optimal positioning should keep screens facing away from direct sunlight, which can be aided by thick, adjustable blinds if needed.

Lighting right
Even the most naturally bright rooms typically need extra lighting to read or study by. Good quality desk lamps are the go-to solution, though choosing the right overhead lighting can also help. Downward-facing light shades are a simple solution, while adjustable ceiling spotlights create optimum illumination while avoiding screen glare.

Picking colours carefully
For your office walls, choose a paint colour that reflects your needs and personality. If you crave a quiet, relaxed atmosphere to work, pick light pastels; blue is traditionally a very calming colour. For creative types, vibrant purples and yellows are ideal for getting the artistic juices flowing.

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