Where should I live in 2017?

While people move home for many different reasons, the desire to relocate to (or within) any particular area is usually influenced by proximity to our places of work or study. We’ve looked at the most popular UK destinations of our customers last year, revealing 10 cities which provide fantastic opportunities in a wide range of professional fields. So if you’re looking to further your studies or career in 2017, you might just find the ideal location in our list below:


Home to one of the world’s top universities, students and employees of the prestigious institution make up a large portion of the Cambridge population, while many others make their living in one of the 1,000-plus high-technology companies occupying the city.

Newcastle upon Tyne

The commercial, educational and cultural focus for England’s North East, Newcastle has a £13 billion economy. The city has one of the largest shopping complexes in the UK, and is home to the British or regional headquarters of several large companies, including Greggs, Fenwick, Goldsmiths,  Sage Group, Go-Ahead Group and Virgin Money.


The city and county of Bristol attracts a wealth of talent from the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries, and a combined student population of circa 48,200 from two universities.


Scotland’s capital boasts the highest percentage of professionals in the UK, and is the largest UK financial centre after London. It is known as a centre of education, with four universities to its name, including the highly reputable University of Edinburgh.


The economy of York is largely based in the service industry, providing tens of thousands of jobs in public sector employment, health, education, finance, IT and, increasingly, tourism.


Famous for the Robin Hood legend, Nottingham is home to a number of company headquarters, including Boots UK Limited, Pedigree Petfoods, Experian,  Imperial Tobacco, Siemens, Speedo, Vision Express, Specsavers and BBC East Midlands.


With the most diverse economy in the UK, Leeds has seem the fastest growth rate of private sector jobs in the country, and is the largest legal and financial centre in the UK after London. It is also one of the largest centres of manufacturing, and is well known as an employer in the engineering, printing and publishing, food and drink, chemicals and medical technology sub-sectors.


The global city of Manchester has one of the largest economies in England. It is known for its prevalence in an array of industries, including digital and creative, financial, legal and business services, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, environmental technology, tourism, media and real estate.


Scotland’s largest city is a manufacturing hub, including large operating in shipbuilding, engineering, construction, brewing and distilling, printing and publishing and software development. Their economy is on the rise thanks to growth in service sector industries such as communications, healthcare, highest education, retail and tourism.


It should come as no surprise that the UK’s capital, most populous city and one of the foremost global cities is our most popular destination. London is one of the world’s leading financial centres, is first in the world in software, multimedia development and design, and is a hub for the global economy.

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