Schools relocating in record numbers to meet demand

Pickfords has identified a 26% increase in the number of schools requesting removal services in the last year,* demonstrating a reaction to growing demand for school places across the UK.

Pickfords Business Solutions specialises in the relocation of educational facilities, helping with site expansions and full move projects to brand new locations.

Martin Budd, Head of Business Solutions at Pickfords, said,

“There are various reasons why we have seen an influx of schools relocating. Our clients tell us there is an increase in demand for school places, particularly primary schools, which has lead to inevitable expansion.


Another reason for this growth has been to replace worn out facilities. Modern schools constructed in the last 25 – 35 years have not lasted as well as those built at the turn of the century, so some schools have to invest to bring their facilities up to date to meet the required standards.”



* Comparison of like-for-like bookings with Pickfords Business Solutions: December 2015 v December 2016.

If you need to discuss the relocation of a school, college or university campus, contact Pickfords Business Solutions on 0845 130 6559 or email

For more information, click here to find out about corporate relocation, or here to discover our school moving success stories.

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