The top 10 expat destinations for 2017

Looking to further your career in 2017? While the UK offers many great opportunities, expanding your horizons overseas may just help you land the perfect role. We reveal our customers’ top international destinations of last year: 10 bustling global cities offering expat careers in a diverse range of industries. Read on: your next job just might be in…


The cultural, political and economic hub of Sweden, Stockholm has seen significant growth in high technology, finance and entrepreneurship in recent years, and is home to many international companies. The city is well known for its innovation and competitiveness within the European marketplace, as well as one of the continent’s greenest and most liveable cities.

New Delhi

There is high demand for experienced professionals in India’s capital, especially in the growing industries of IT and telecommunications. The city’s diverse economy also offers many roles in retail, manufacturing, media, tourism, engineering and design for experienced expatriates.


With high wages, low unemployment and excellent working conditions, Singapore has long been an attractive destination for job-seeking expats. The city-state also has six universities, including Asia’s top ranking higher education facility, the National University of Singapore.

New York

Known as the cultural and financial capital of the world, New York is well known as a centre for commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, technology, education and entertainment, and is home to over 120 colleges and universities, some ranking among the best in the world.


Australia’s fastest growing state capital for employment offers a wide range of opportunities in the public and private sectors. Over half the city’s total employment is found in the construction, education, government, health and retail sectors, while finance, business services, manufacturing, mining, and transport also offer many opportunities for expats.


The biggest and most populated city of New Zealand is well known as a great place to do business, and is home to some of the country’s most prestigious schools. World-leading, innovative technology companies in Auckland make up over a third of New Zealand’s paid employment, while many other opportunities can be found in manufacturing, health, hospitality, food and beverages, construction and engineering and business services.


Manufacturing and the professional, scientific and technology fields are Melbourne’s biggest employers, followed by retail, food and beverages, finance, telecommunications and construction. The education and engineering sectors in particular offer many opportunities for expats.


This global city and business hub of the Middle East provides a wealth of opportunities in construction, tourism and financial services. Dubai is especially enticing for expats given the options available to both buy property and own land there.


Western Australia’s capital is a hub for mining and related industries, including engineering and R&D. Healthcare workers and artisans are also in high demand. The relaxed and egalitarian workplace culture in Perth is a big pull expats from across the world.


Expats in Australia’s most populous city find careers in property, business services, retail, manufacturing, health and community services. Other growing sectors include information, media and technology, tourism and creative and performing arts.

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