Protecting your home, whatever the weather

The only guarantee with British weather is that it’s unpredictable. Whether you’ve recently bought a new property or are looking to sell your current one, it’s important to protect against extreme conditions, which can cause damage to your home at any time.

Here are our top tips for creating a weatherproof property:

Preparing for heavy rain

  • Deal with any leaks well in advance
  • Stock up on flood prevention, such as sandbags, hydro bags and flood barriers
  • Stock up on dehumidifiers and a water pump
  • Move valuable items off the floor and onto shelves, or into storage
  • Keep your wellies close to hand

Preparing for storms and hurricanes 

  • Invest in generators and portable heating
  • Invest in draught excluders and door and window seals
  • Check all roofing tiles and fence posts are secure
  • Lock all doors and windows securely, including the shed, garage and garden storage units

Preparing for snow and ice

  • Replace any cracked or chipped windows to prevent further damage from frozen temperatures
  • Prevent your pipes freezing by installing insulation and turning on the central heating on the lead up to winter
  • Grit the paths and pavements around your home

Ready to move home? Contact Pickfords for a free removals estimate, or request a callback today.

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