I’m about to move: who needs to know?

When you move home, it’s important to let people know your new address so records can be updated and your post arrives to the right place. To help ensure you don’t miss anyone, we’ve outlined the main parties who will need to know your updated details ahead of moving day:

Two to four weeks before the move

Friends and family

The bank
Don’t forget to transfer your account to a branch near your new home

Credit/store cards
Fill in the change of address section of your statement when returning it with your payment and also notify any card protection insurers

Standing orders/direct debits
Give your new address to companies to which you pay standing orders, or with which you have a hire purchase agreement or loan.

Stocks and shares
Notify your stockbroker or each individual company registrar.


Royal Mail
Set up mail redirection to your new home.

Broadband provider

Landline provider

TV Licensing

Your doctor, dentist and optician
De-register and research alternatives nearer to your new address. Liaise with your hospital if undergoing regular treatment.


Pension scheme
Advise your local Post Office or private scheme of your change of address.

Notify your broker or individual insurance companies.

Council tax and electoral registration
Notify relevant authorities in both your current area and the area you are moving to regarding council tax and electoral registration.

Notify any organisations, clubs or charities to which you subscribe of your new address.

Notify schools of your leaving date and advise the new schools as soon as possible.

One week before the move

Electricity and gas
Contact your energy suppliers to advise the date you will be moving, giving at least 48 hours’ notice.

At least 48 hours’ notice is required by your existing and your new authority to disconnect and reconnect supply.

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