How to add value to your home

Eyeing the next rung on the property ladder? Simply putting your home on the market is unlikely to generate the capital you need to move up. Here are some adjustments you can make to increase the value of your property:

Add an extra bedroom

The easiest way to achieve this is via loft conversion. If you have the space, add an en suite to help sell the benefits of the extra living area.

Build a conservatory

A well designed, properly integrated conservatory can add far more to the value of your property than the cost to build it.

Turn your garage into living space

Most garages end up as junk storage spaces; not an attractive asset to potential buyers. Transform the space into a home office, utility room, playroom, gym, or anything you fancy. Consider a local storage service for the items you don’t need regular access to.

Create extra parking spaces

Pave over the front garden. Buyers are more swayed by decent parking than an attractive lawn. Keep the flower beds or introduce some potted plants to offset the paving.

Clean up the outside

Clear the gutters, clean the windows and refresh the paintwork. Make the outside spick and span to help your property stand out from the neighbours’.

Knock down some walls

Buyers are more interested in the amount of usable space than the number of rooms.

Overhaul the kitchen

The kitchen has become the centrepiece of the home, and must look modern and functional. Create as much counter space as possible and invest in a modern fridge, freezer, sink and cooker.

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