Powerboat crew stays strong after collision

The Pickfords powerboat crew remain a competitive force in spite an unavoidable collision holding them back in Round 2 of this weekend’s P1 Superstock Championship in Greenock.

Sunday’s second race saw the South Street powerboat hook towards Team Pickfords, causing us to slam into the side of the rival vessel. Thankfully, both boats stayed upright, leaving South Street relatively unscathed and our crew, Glynn and Lee Norvall, with only minor injuries.

The Norvall brothers and one of the South Street crew visited A&E for their cuts, bruises and aches on Sunday night, but were thankfully all discharged with a full bill of health by Monday morning.

The combination of high scoring races on the Saturday and early Sunday, and the disqualification of several other teams has kept Team Pickfords in 6th place overall at the halfway point of the Championship.

Can the Norvall brothers make up for lost ground and race their way to the top half of the table in Round 3 next month?


The Pickfords powerboat sustained some damage, but #69 was totalled and team South Street disqualified as a result of the collision.

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