How to prepare your home for a child

Welcoming a child into your home is an exciting time, but most properties need a bit of work before they’re ready for little ones. Here’s how to prepare your home for a new arrival:

Babyproof everywhere

Babies and toddlers are natural explorers with an underdeveloped sense of danger. Take these steps to keep your little ones protected in a home full of hazards:

  • Replace blinds with safe pulley systems and install cord safety devices
  • Keep wires out of the way and plug all unused power sockets with covers
  • Install safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases
  • Consider every surface and ensure all sharp, heavy, breakable or otherwise dangerous objects are out of reach, if not out of sight

Protect yourself against noise

The sound of children playing can be a joy, but we all need our quiet time. Here’s how to absorb some of that noise through home decor:

  • Purchase some thick rugs and cushions for their bedroom or playroom
  • Install thick curtains around your windows
  • Line your shelves with books
  • Fill cupboards and cabinets with towels and linen

Create a relaxing environment

Children respond to the environment around them. The following steps will help create a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere in your home:

  • Reduce clutter
  • Install artwork that gives off peaceful vibes, such as landscapes or watercolours
  • Paint your rooms in calming colours, such as whites and pastels
  • Invest in furnishings to match
  • Buy some indoor plants (but keep them out of reach!)
  • Install mood lighting

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