Shipping goods to Australia: an expat guide [infographic]

If you’ve found a great opportunity in the UK’s most popular expat destination, you’ll need to decide which personal effects to take with you.

When planning what to move to Australia, you should be aware of the various taxes and duties applied to certain goods, as well as the accompanying paperwork that ensures the smooth transition of your belongings through customs.

Shipping goods to Australia.jpg

Tax-exempt goods

It is possible to claim duty and tax exemption for goods such as clothing, books, furniture, appliances and sporting equipment, subject to certain conditions:

  • You are a returning resident or intend to take up permanent residency
  • You can prove personal ownership and use of your items for at least 12 months prior to departure

Taxable goods

Certain goods are subject to duty and taxes regardless of length of ownership. These include:

  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Vehicles and vehicle parts
  • Commercial goods intended for resale
  • Goods purchased from overseas while in Australia
  • Goods which were bequeathed to you.


You will need to submit the following forms, certificates and other paperwork to customs ahead of your shipment:

  • An Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPE) statement
  • An Evidence of Identity (EOI) certificate, along with your passport  and Australian Citizenship certificate or birth certificate
  • Photo ID (passport or driver’s licence)
  • A list of all goods included (e.g. a packing list)
  • A delivery order from the shipper

Transporting your goods

When you’ve decided which goods to take with you to Australia, Pickfords is on hand to pack your belongings, collect them from your UK home, book the freight transport (whether by air or sea), and arrange customs clearance.

In Australia, your goods will be delivered at a mutually convenient time by our overseas partner.

Our Move Managers know the challenges of relocating to Australia. They will provide expert advice and guidance when shipping your goods.

Ready to move to Australia? Get a quote and book your home survey today.

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