How to stay organised during a home move

Moving home can be a rewarding experience – and hopefully an exciting one too! Staying organised throughout the process will help keep your move pleasant and as stress-free as possible. Below are our top tips for staying organised during your home move.

Think about your overall aspirations for your new home

What you want to achieve during the move process? Doing this exercise will help you to stay focused and make you think practically about your move.

We’ve listed a few examples below:

  • Declutter
  • Deep clean
  • Design for your new home – colour schemes and/ or themes (minimal, modern etc.)

Make a floor plan of your new home

This will help you to visualise your belongings in each room and decide realistically what to take with you.

  • We recommend colour coding rooms (to match your boxes & labelling system)
  • Share your floor plan with your removals company so that they can put the correct boxes in the correct rooms upon arrival (if this is something you want).

Set milestones and stick to deadlines

It may help to track tasks – via your calendar, diary or online.

Being able to see your project and tick off completed tasks helps you to manage the process and stay motivated.

Make sure to reward yourself along the way e.g. when a room is finished!

Work methodically

It’s easy to get distracted, so we advise splitting your sorting and packing into sections – either by room, furniture or items. Doing things methodically will help you to see your progress.

Follow a system: keep, donate, sell, recycle & chuck

Organise, pack and label items you can & want to pack (see point 8)

Donate Find a second home for items you don’t need anymore

  • Find a local charity (here)
  • Find a local food bank (here)
  • Give to friends and family
  • Many charities will deliver bags to your home where you fill and leave outside for collection.
    Some may even collect furniture.

make money from selling your items online or at a car boot sale

Ebay (delivery required), Gumtree and Schpock are all examples of online selling platforms which also have apps. Make sure you stay safe and read their guidelines.

be as green as possible

  • Maximise the use of your regular collection bins
  • Batteries can be recycled (more info)
  • Find a local recycling waste centre
  • UK Gov A to Z of recycling & waste (more info)

always have bin bags on hand!

  • Maximise the use of your regular collection bins
  • Take it to your local tip
  • Hire a skip for large volumes
  • Contact your local council – they can usually pick up large items for a small fee (more info)
  • Electronics must be specially discarded & taken to a local tip
  • Garden waste (more info)
  • UK Gov Waste Guide – more info

Clearly label your boxes/ packing areas

  • Use stickers/boardmarkers to label your boxes/ items
  • It is particularly handy to colour coordinate and link this with a floor plan
  • Removals companies usually supply boxes / packing materials & can give advice on the quantity and different types needed to ensure a safe transit
  • Removals companies can also offer a pack and unpack service

Pack an essentials box for when you first move in

You will want your home comforts at easy reach when you arrive!

Example check list:

  • Kettle and mugs with tea bags
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Toothbrush & Paste
  • Light bulbs
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Snacks
  • Dishes / cutlery
  • Screws for assembling furniture in 1 place / easy to find

Life admin!

Staying on top of this will make your life a lot easier. Example checklist:

  • Change the address held for you – statements, bills, health docs, schools, work, car etc.
  • Settle all your local accounts – e.g. milkman, newsagents, library books etc.
  • Arrange the switch of your TV, internet & utilities – 1 month prior to move-in date
  • Let friends and family know about your move
  • Organise key info for the new owners – e.g. spare keys, instructions for the alarm, etc.
  • Ideally for security get a locksmith to change the locks of your new property
  • Find out your rubbish collection day (more info)
  • Plan the defrosting of your fridge and disconnecting appliances


Our top tip – make it fun! Put on your favourite music & reward yourself at milestones.

If you want to have things professionally packed and unpacked, Pickfords can offer this service.

If you want a move and concierge service, specialising in fine art and antiques, we recommend our Pickfords Gold service.

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