About Pickfords

Pickfords, the UK’s largest moving and storage company, provides a large portfolio of services to a diverse range of customers and clients, including home owners, businesses and government departments. 

At the heart of our culture is a blend of attitudes, beliefs and values and a mission shared by our management team and our employees.

Our culture

Our culture has developed over our 400 year history and is the critical foundation which shapes the way we work, our systems and processes, our approach to our employees and customers and our impact on the wider community and environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a national business, we recognise that corporate responsibility issues and the way we conduct our business are fundamental to the future of the company, to our employees, to our customers, suppliers and to the wider community.

Minimising the impact to the environment

Supporting  the communities we serve

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Pickfords is a leading contributor to the Trade Associations which underpin quality standards within the removals industry.

Find out more about our memberships


Pickfords’ aim to provide the highest possible quality of service, has lead to the development of Pickfords’ ‘Moving with Quality’ initiative, a nationwide programme of customer evaluation, best practice procedures and performance improvement planning, continuous training and review. This approach, combined with our external  quality management systems, underpins the way we do business for our customers.

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