Pickfords to feature in TV series on Channel 5!

Very exciting news this week!

Pickfords is to feature in an observational documentary series about moving home.

‘The Removal Men: Pickfords’ is a new documentary series which gives a fascinating insight into the work of Pickfords’ removal teams as they go about the process of helping people move home. The series, filmed by TV production company Tiger Aspect, follows Pickfords’ customers making the transition to new homes and new lifestyles. The series also features the characters and day to day exploits of the men (and women) who help these couples, families and organizations through the stress of move day.

The series follows a variety of moving stories, from a family moving just 76 yards up the road to the couple leaving England to drive across the African Continent in a customized motor home. Featured Pickfords’ removal men include the Horsham team as they face a 24 hour trek across France and the Mitcham team who are faced with packing a 345 million year old fossil. The series deals with the every day challenges of move day, including the Maidstone crew who have to tackle the movement of hundreds of invaluable hospital specimens and the Truro team who utilise a helicopter when they move a family to the Scilly Isles.

Filming took place over a very tight eight week period and Pickfords crews from Maidstone, Leicester, Horsham, Enfield, Birmingham, York, Swindon, Edinburgh, Chelmsford, Bournemouth, Bath, Truro, Belfast, Milton Keynes and Wembley took part. Many thanks to all our colleagues that stepped up to take part.

Click here to view a trailer

The first episode will be broadcast on Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 5.