Pickfords awarded ‘Highly Commended’ International Moving Company 2014

Pickfords has been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the International Moving Company of the Year award 2014 by the Forum for Expatriate Management.

The nomination for an EMEA EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Award) follows Pickfords’ win in the same category in 2013.

Judged by an independent panel, the award was presented at a gala dinner and ceremony at The EMEA Global Mobility Summit at the Lancaster London Hotel on 7th November.

Steve Boyd, Pickfords’ International Operations Director, said:

“We are proud to be presented with an award in the category for International Moving Company; after last year’s win it’s a pleasant surprise but a great demonstration of the consistent high standards of our operational and move management teams.”

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Manchester delivers exemplary customer service

Thank you to both our Manchester team and partner crew at Allied Pickfords Hong Kong for delivering excellent service in a recent international move.

airliner landing at dusk

The customer got in contact with the International Relocation team after the move to express his thanks for the service provided:

“I would like to take this opportunity to say just how impressed I have been by both the UK and Hong Kong teams when shipping some of my belongings out to me.

Despite it only being a small volume shipment, both teams have excelled in their attention to detail and level of customer service provided.”

The customer was especially pleased with the personal service provided by both move teams:

“The Hong Kong delivery team arrived within one minute of the scheduled time. They were very polite and helpful with my wife waiting at home to receive the shipment. Likewise the UK team who packed and loaded my goods last summer were equally helpful, efficient and courteous.

Please pass on my thanks to all of those involved; they are excellent ambassadors for Pickfords. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone looking to do a similar move. Likewise I will happily call upon your expertise again, should the need arise in the future.”

Pickfords shortlisted for International Moving Company of the Year 2014

Pickfords has been shortlisted for International Moving Company of the Year award 2014 by the Forum for Expatriate Management.

The shortlist nomination for an EMEA EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Award) follows our win in the same category in 2013.

Shortlisted Nominations will be assessed by an independent judging panel and the award presented at a Gala Dinner and ceremony at The EMEA Global Mobility Summit, to be held at the Lancaster London Hotel on 7th November.

Click here to read more about last year’s win.

EMMA Shortlist 2014

Pickfords’ Hannah saves customer from deportation

Pickfords Move Co-ordinator Hannah Liebscher-Hammersley received a huge bouquet of flowers from a grateful customer when her actions saved the customer and his wife from being deported from New Zealand.

Having moved to New Zealand from the UK, the customer and his wife urgently needed documentation which was in deep storage at Pickfords.  The customer would have been rejected and they would have been forced to return to the UK without jobs or a place to live.

Hannah searched the customer’s storage container to find the documents and took them to her local Post Office to weigh them, before being collected by courier, in her own time after work.

The customer said:

“Hannah deserves massive praise for what she has done for us… she is an absolute credit to your company and we will be forever in her debt.”


Hannah with her flowers

Pickfords wins International Moving Company of the Year

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals and storage company, has won the ‘International Moving Company of the Year’ award at the Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards 2013. The results were announced at the EMMAs Awards Gala Dinner at The Lancaster London Hotel on 8th November.

Pickfords' International Director Steve Boyd (centre) receives the trophy

Pickfords’ International Director Steve Boyd (centre) receives the trophy

The Expatriate Management and Mobility awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the international global mobility industry. These prestigious awards, created by the Global Mobility industry’s leading association, the Forum for Expatriate Management, are judged by a highly experienced panel of judges, who assess the submissions received against the criteria for the awards. Judging criteria in these categories include client communication, innovation, knowledge, skills and expertise. Following this assessment, the Judges commented that Pickfords “provides an excellent illustration of a client focused team.”


International Director Steve Boyd, receiving the award, said: “I am delighted that Pickfords has won this award – it is a true reflection of the expertise of our move management and operational teams, their innovative approach to customer service and their continued focus on quality.”

Pickfords voted in the Top Ten Best International Movers

Pickfords has been voted in the Top Ten International Movers by Which Offshore, an independent online consumer resource for those seeking information and advice about expatriate life and offshore finance.

Top Ten International Movers

The team at Which Offshore tested more than 70 UK-based removal companies by rating the information available on their website, online customer reviews, ease of contact, helpfulness of staff, the time taken to respond to an enquiry and the quoted price. Each company was asked to quote for a family of 4 (two adults, two kids) moving a total of 1,000 cubic ft of contents from a 2 bedroom flat in London, to a flat in Barcelona, with no elevators available at either location.

If you’re thinking about moving overseas, here are some useful tips to make the process that little bit easier…

Choose the type of service
It is important to know the difference between part and dedicated loads. Part load removals are cheaper, as furniture is shipped at the same time as someone else relocating. Although it might take a little longer, as the companies try to coordinate shipments to the same destination. If you prefer it to happen faster, a dedicated removal might be the better option.

Packing and Insurance
As many of the removal companies point out, packing itself doesn’t affect the quote as much contrary to what many people believe. You can save up a few pounds by putting everything in boxes yourself and only having the removal company pick it up, but you may miss out on insurance coverage.

Plan ahead
Make sure you have every detail such as date, time of arrival arranged with the removal company beforehand. Packing always takes longer than you think it will. It is only when you start putting things in boxes that you realize how much you have gathered over time. Plan to pack well in advance, and give yourself extra time, just in case.

Decide what to take
We all know that we keep a lot of things for sentimental value, nostalgia or just because you ‘could use it one day’. Take some time to really consider whether it is worth taking with you, or if it might be time to bring it to a relatives’ garage for safe-keeping. If there was a time to have a clean out, it’s now.

Make an inventory
When the time comes to move, it is easy to lose sight of everything you are taking with you. Especially if you’re leaving items behind or storing them, create a list of what’s where for future reference.

Visit the Pickfords website for more information on moving overseas.

Moving a car overseas – what you need to know

One of the most common questions we are asked by people moving overseas is ‘can I take my car with me?’

Since cars are, behind houses, normally the second largest purchase we make it is understandable that you will want to hold onto it where possible. In some cases it is worthwhile, especially in countries where vehicles are more expensive and the process of importing it is not too arduous, but getting a car into certain countries is considerably harder than others.


The most common way of shipping a car is to use a shipping container. The container will be brought to your home, the car loaded and secured to prevent movement during transit, and this will then travel on a cargo ship and be unloaded at a port in your destination country for you to collect. On payment of the appropriate importation duties and Customs fees, and possibly after a quarantine period depending on country, the vehicle can then be driven away.

In many cases people are moving lock, stock and barrel to another country and so will be taking other domestic goods along with their car. Pickfords provides a service to outfit a container with shelving which maximises the space available inside, protecting both your car and the items being transported. There’s a handy photo album showing this on our Facebook page – check it out at http://www.facebook.com/pickfords.

If you’re exporting a car from the UK, there are a number of stages you need to go through. Firstly, if you’re moving your car out of the UK permanently (or for longer than 12 months) you must notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and return a completed ‘Notification of Permanent Export’ section from your V5C.

We strongly recommend that your car is cleaned thoroughly inside and out ahead of shipment. For transportation to Australia or New Zealand this is particularly important, as your vehicle will be subject to strict quarantine inspections when it arrives and could undergo additional cleaning (at your expense) if the authorities deem it necessary.

The requirements for shipping cars abroad vary by country, and Pickfords can provide you with the latest information with regard to the appropriate importation permits. In some instances, you may only import your car if you have owned it for at least twelve months, and there may also be a requirement to pass local compliance tests (similar to an MOT in the United Kingdom) before being legally allowed to drive it in the destination country. Customs will need to clear the vehicle and there will likely be duties and taxes to be paid before the vehicle is released. During this time the vehicle will remain in port or at an agent’s warehouse.

In summary, shipping your car can be worthwhile, but it depends hugely on where you want to take it. We highly recommend gaining professional advice on shipping a car overseas as early as possible – it is a complicated process and very costly if your car travels without the correct paperwork to support it. Pickfords moves hundreds of cars across the world every year, so our Move Consultants are well-placed to answer your questions. To get in touch with your nearest branch and find out more, just visit the Pickfords website at http://www.pickfords.co.uk.