Hospital relocation: what are the challenges? [infographic]

Most hospitals will undergo refurbishment, or even a complete rebuild at some stage. Facilities become outdated and unsuitable for the latest equipment,  too small for ever-changing requirements or unable to meet the latest healthcare standards.

Large redevelopment or relocation projects can be daunting, particularly if it’s the first time for those involved. The following are the main challenges of hospital moves, and how they can be overcome:

Hospital relocation.png


Pickfords has a wealth of experience moving hospitals and healthcare facilities, working closely with staff to ensure an expertly planned and executed move, suited to their needs. To find out more about moving your premises, contact Pickfords Business Solutions on 0845 130 6559, email or visit our website.

BBC awards moving services Framework agreement to Pickfords Business Solutions

Following a formal and robust bid procedure lead by Martin Budd and Pat Hughes, Pickfords Business Solutions is proud to announce that the company has been awarded a place on the new moving services framework agreement issued recently by the BBC.

The BBC considered proposals from a large number of potential suppliers and following a rigorous and diligent selection process that covered a broad series of elements including; relevant experience, capabilities, innovation, commercials, quality controls to name just a few, Pickfords Business Solutions has been awarded a coveted place on the framework. The commercial moving team will be working with the BBC in a number of ways on its internal and external relocation programme across the UK and Ireland.

Head of Business Solutions Martin Budd said,

“We are delighted to have been awarded a place on the BBC framework and are looking forward to working collaboratively with the BBC to help the corporation achieve its workplace change projects over the next three years.”

Pioneering a paperless office

Pickfords Business Solutions works with companies of all sizes as they undergo change in the workplace. Pat Hughes, Technical Sales Manager at Pickfords, suggests the following tips, designed to help companies change their habits and embrace new ways of working to transform office space into a clutter-free zone:

Utilise agile working tactics
Employees using outdated desktop PCs tend to feel a sense of ownership over their immobile working space. Swapping out computer towers for laptops removes this way of thinking and creates a more flexible space.

Introduce flexible working
As most company infrastructures now enable remote login, more and more companies are offering employees flexible working. Pickfords typically sees around six desks deployed for every 10 people, meaning there is less desk space to clutter with paper.

Change the notion of desk ‘ownership’
The next step is to enforce the idea that no desk belongs to any one person. Introduce personal lockers for employees to store their belongings while not working from a desk, and impose a clean desk policy at the end of each day to free up the desk for the next person.

Recycle old desks in favour of smaller furniture
Over the last few years we have noted that desks are getting smaller. Companies are typically scrapping the old style 1.6 metre wave desks for 1.4 metre bench desks to create space and reduce clutter.

Limit filing
Encourage employees to purge their paperwork and dispose of old files. We have observed some companies limiting employees to a linear metre of filing, prior to moving to a new location, which has forced a reduction in paper.

Invest in offsite records management or document storage
You may be legally required to keep paper copies of certain documents, but don’t need regular access to them. To create space, utilise document storage or records management company to store your files off site until you need them.

Recycle your unwanted furniture
If you are undergoing a workplace change project, Pickfords will relocate the contents of your office, and work with local charities to donate your unwanted furniture and IT. Click here to find out more, or get a quote today.

Schools relocating in record numbers to meet demand

Pickfords has identified a 26% increase in the number of schools requesting removal services in the last year,* demonstrating a reaction to growing demand for school places across the UK.

Pickfords Business Solutions specialises in the relocation of educational facilities, helping with site expansions and full move projects to brand new locations.

Martin Budd, Head of Business Solutions at Pickfords, said,

“There are various reasons why we have seen an influx of schools relocating. Our clients tell us there is an increase in demand for school places, particularly primary schools, which has lead to inevitable expansion.


Another reason for this growth has been to replace worn out facilities. Modern schools constructed in the last 25 – 35 years have not lasted as well as those built at the turn of the century, so some schools have to invest to bring their facilities up to date to meet the required standards.”



* Comparison of like-for-like bookings with Pickfords Business Solutions: December 2015 v December 2016.

If you need to discuss the relocation of a school, college or university campus, contact Pickfords Business Solutions on 0845 130 6559 or email

For more information, click here to find out about corporate relocation, or here to discover our school moving success stories.

Pickfords expands Business Solutions division

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals and storage company, has announced the expansion of its Business Solutions division with the appointment of two key roles within London and the North of England.

With significant industry experience and a remit to support greater account management, new projects and customer care, Paul Bray and Paul Harrison have joined Pickfords’ Business Solutions team.

Returning from a short period with Crown Records Management, Paul Bray makes a welcome return to Pickfords as a Key Account Manager in the North West of England. Prior to Crown, Paul spent over fifteen years with Pickfords in the commercial storage and moving division.

Paul Harrison has spent 20 years in the commercial removals industry, including time with Cadogan Tate, Crown and Harrow Green, winning and managing major accounts in key sectors, including local government, higher education and professional services.

In their new roles, Paul and Paul will be furthering the growth of Pickfords’ Business Solutions division developing existing contracts and supporting new projects as part of a long-term strategy to expand into new markets and to continually improve the service Pickfords delivers to its clients.

“I am delighted to welcome these two seasoned professionals to our team,” said Martin Budd, Head of Business Solutions at Pickfords. “I look forward to working with these experienced professionals, especially as they help us to drive our differentiated proposition and develop our market-leading customer experience programme.”

Paul Bray option 1.jpg

Paul Bray

Paul Harrison.jpeg

Paul Harrison

Improve your office environment: 12 top tips

It’s easy to become absorbed in our work without much thought to the environment around us. But it is our very surroundings that can sometimes be detrimental to our office productivity and wellbeing.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you work in a corporate office, there are many changes you can make to cultivate a fruitful and friendly work environment:

1. Hang some artwork: keep it simple with some branded materials, or get a bit zany with some motivational posters or your favourite Picasso print!

2. Brighten up the place with some flowers and other plant life (just don’t forget to water them!)

3. Lighten up the place with extra lamps or light boxes. Choose daylight bulbs or specialist light therapy boxes for bright, near-natural light that’s easy on the eyes.

4. Clear your desk and your mind by decluttering and ditching printed paperwork. Recycle anything you already have in soft copy. Make this a daily habit to keep you distraction-free while you work.

5. Employ subtle scents to improve your mood. If candles or incense will cause conflict in the office, use essential oils to keep you calm and productive throughout the day.

6. Purge the office cupboards and filing cabinets: if you discover anything you don’t need, get rid. If there are items you only require once a year or less, archive them.

7. Improve air quality with air filters, open windows and indoor plants.

8. Sort out those messy cables.

9. Get ergonomic: prevent RSI and joint pain by purchasing wrist and foot rests, laptop stands, ergonomic keyboards and anything else that keeps you comfortable at your desk.

10. Update your furniture for your comfort and safety. Your old desks and chairs can be environmentally recycled.

11. Eliminate your junk drawer: you know the one. That place you put all the stuff you think you need, but in reality never use. Clear your junk drawer and don’t let anything back in that you don’t use regularly.

12. Help keep office illness to a minimum by dusting your desktop and IT peripheries regularly. If possible, do this last thing on a Friday, unless you want the whole office sneezing!

Moving office or simply in need of a declutter? Pickfords Business Solutions offers a wide range of services for modern organisations, including porterage and churn, IT relocation, furniture recycling and storage. Call us on 0845 130 6559, email or enquire online for more information.

Remembering Ken Cooley

Ken Cooley.jpg

With great sadness we say farewell to Ken Cooley, Move Manager for Pickfords Business Solutions, who recently passed away following a 10 month battle with cancer.

Ken entered the world of business moving in 1990 as a casual porter for Bullens where his brother Allen also worked.

The wide set of skills he brought to the removals industry were honed in a diverse range of prior roles, from membership of the British Army’s Royal Signals, to pub and nightclub ownership and bread delivery!

For a man with no formal training in the removals industry, his acquired knowledge and resourcefulness were outstanding. He was a wizard with safes, and his ability to walk round a library and add up the move without the need for a calculator was truly amazing!

Since joining Pickfords, Ken managed some of the largest and most prestigious relocations undertaken by the company. His first major job as Move Manager was Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

Known for his unique turn of phrase, Ken’s colleagues could expect “Five minutes for a slurp”, before they had to “crack on” “up and down the dancers (stairs)” at “ramming speed”!

A tough task master, Ken was well liked and highly respected by all the men he supervised. He would never ask anyone to do something that he wasn’t prepared to do himself, and his commitment to the job was exceptional, working 24 hour shifts to ensure the smooth transition of A&E departments during hospital moves.

Clive Johnson, who worked with Ken on many major hospital moves, recalls that, “Ken was the consummate professional. However difficult things got, Ken always found a way to get the job done and would never let anyone down.”

Ken’s last major job for Pickfords was Coventry University Library where, in a typical display of his ingenuity, he built a platform of euro pallets, complete with safety rail, to enable vans to be loaded via the rear and side doors simultaneously.

Ken leaves behind his adult sons Wayne and James, as well as three grandchildren.

The funeral will be held at Canley Crematorium in Coventry on 6 July.

Office Moving Alliance wins contract to move NATO Headquarters


Office Moving Alliance (OMA) has been appointed to project manage and deliver the relocation of NATO’s Headquarters in Brussels.

Pickfords is the UK member of the Office Moving Alliance, an international network of office moving specialists and they collaborated with fellow members Mondial Movers from The Netherlands and AMT Transfer from France during the formal bid procedure.

The iconic NATO HQ building in Brussels will move to a new purpose built premises across the boulevard from the existing site.  The move is planned to take place in 2017 and will see the relocation of circa 4000 staff.

NATO considered proposals from a number of potential suppliers and followed a rigorous selection process before appointing the OMA consortium to manage the contract.

Russell Start from Pickfords Business Solutions said

“We are delighted to have been appointed following the selection procedure.  NATO will be able to draw on the considerable experience and expertise of our project teams to manage the relocation.  We look forward to working with the NATO management team during the course of the contract.”

Introducing Arion Krasniqi as Pickfords’ Bid Manager

Arion Krasniqi.jpgPickfords is delighted to welcome Arion Krasniqi as our new Bid Manager, working out of the central UK head office.

We caught up with Arion to find out a little about the man and discover what makes him tick.

Welcome on board. For those who don’t know, what’s a Bid Manager?
Thank you! Pickfords provides a portfolio of services to a diverse range of clients across all industry sectors – business moving, employee relocation, information technology, environmental reuse, business interior design and services. I make sure we provide these prospective clients with a tailored solution that best fits their project requirements, so they can make an informed decision.

I would like to add that, although this is a very dynamic job, having a wonderful team and an experienced and approachable management was the best welcome one could wish for in a new role!

Where do you join us from?
I worked freelance as a Bid Writer / Coordinator for a boutique consultancy called CAPM Limited, based in Addlestone. Prior to that I was a diplomat based in London.

First impressions of Pickfords?
I’m struck by the company’s desire to change, adapt and create new effective and dynamic practices. And most of all, I love the environment and people I work with.

What are your aims for the next six months?
To get to know more about the company and my colleagues and build close, constructive working relationships.  Of course, my main objective is to continue our winning streak of successful bids!

What do you do in your leisure time?
I enjoy reading philosophical and psychological fiction, and I’m a bit of a jazz music enthusiast. Mostly though, I love spending time with my twin three-year-olds!

Pickfords voted top Business Superbrand


Pickfords has once again been awarded Business Superbrand status by Superbrands UK, an independent research programme which identifies the UK’s strongest brands as voted by an expert council.

The Superbrand survey, now in its 21st year, defines a Superbrand as having established “the finest reputation in its field”, and is deemed to offer “significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over other brands, which customers want and recognise.”

With a 400-year history, Pickfords is a long-established brand; one that is synonymous with moving. Pickfords is unusual among historic brands in that it still bears the name of its founder.

Pickfords has consistently been voted Superbrand status since the programme’s inception in 1995, and is the only removal company to feature in the 2016 Superbrand list.