Order a letter from Santa for your children

Pickfords has been supporting the NSPCC for the last year and has so far raised £62,000 to help put an end to child cruetly.  This is a great idea for Christmas. You can order a beautifully designed, personal letter from Santa for your Children. The letter will arrive, addressed to them with good wishes from Santa Claus himself. The letter costs just £5, which will be your donation to the UK’s leading children’s charity the NSPCC. This is a great way to raise money for children. Create some magic this Christmas with a letter from Santa.    www.pickfords.co.uk/nspcc

Pickfords helps BBC DIY SOS complete the biggest project ever for Children in Need

Pickfords,  the UK’s largest removals and storage company helped the BBC’s DIY SOS programme take on its biggest project to date, transforming a dilapidated youth centre for Children in Need.

Children in Need Logo

The project, to regenerate the Norris Green Youth Centre in Liverpool took place in September.                                      

Pickfords’ Liverpool branch played a crucial role by providing vehicles and men to help  create space by moving and storing furniture during the course of the build.

The centre, which is in one of the most deprived areas in Liverpool, is regarded as a beacon of hope in the local community with 50 children and young people attending every night, seven days a week.

It offers people the opportunity to broaden their horizons, develop skills and confidence and instil positive attitudes to help provide a path to further education, employment and active community citizenship.

The centre has been credited with transforming many young lives over the years by steering people away from crime and anti-social behaviour.

The building was originally an old boys club built 52 years ago and resembles two aircraft hangers placed next to each other.

A number of volunteers,  including,  plumbers, joiners, carpenters, general builders, plasterers, gardeners, glazers, painters and decorators and floor restorers all took part in the work to rejuvenate the centre into a more modern facility.

Pickfords’ spokesperson Lyndsey Daykin said  “Branch Manager Robbie Mills and his team from Pickfords’ Liverpool branch didn’t hesitate when asked to help and we are delighted to have been able to provide assistance on such a worthwhile project.”

BBC DIY SOS will be broadcast tonight at 9pm.

Pickfords searches for origin of historic photograph

Pickfords horse and cart in front of Terra Nova

Removals and storage giant Pickfords is appealing for help to identify the origins of a black and white image linking the firm to the world famous ship, Terra Nova. 

Discovered in the centenary year of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic, the black and white image apparently shows a Pickfords horse and cart delivering Shell motor spirit to the ship, which is best known for sailing under the command of Captain Scott on his mission to be the first to reach the South Pole. 

The photograph was found on a website and used as part of a presentation for a removals industry conference, however, it was only after the presentation took place that name on the ship was recognised. Despite extensive searches to find where the image was sourced, Pickfords has no idea which website the photograph came from. 

Following the find, Pickfords teamed up with the International Polar Foundation and has since embarked on a rollercoaster search to find the origins of the image. 

Michael Andrews, Area Manager for Pickfords, explains: “At first we thought the image might have been taken just before Scott’s famous British Antarctic Expedition sailed in 1910, but lengthy conversations with archivists at Shell UK, the International Polar Foundation and the Scott Polar Research Institute failed to find any evidence to support our theories.”

 Dr Liz Pasteur from the International Polar Foundation takes up the story: “After we drew a blank with the most famous of Terra Nova’s commissions, we started looking a little further afield. After speaking to Terra Nova expert and author Mike Tarver, we were informed that the ship’s name, just about visible in the picture, was not on the hull by the time it was purchased by Scott in 1909, so the photo must have been taken some time before then. 

“From what Mike has told us, the most plausible explanation is that the photo was taken at London’s West India Docks in 1905 as the ship prepared to sail on a rescue mission to reach members of the failed Ziegler polar expedition. The US party was stranded north of the Arctic Circle for two years after attempting to reach the North Pole.”

Michael continues: “After speaking to Mike our investigations have led us as far afield as the US descendant of one the Ziegler party and to the Norwegian Polar Institute, but no one can confirm when or where the image was taken; it’s a complete mystery. We’ve run out of leads, so we’re throwing it open to the public to see if we can shed any more light on one of the most interesting periods in Pickfords’ history.

Pickfords has been working closely with the International Polar Foundation throughout 2011 to transport adapted teaching tools and educational puzzles to UK schools learning about the importance of the Polar Regions and climate change.

 If anyone has any information on the origins or background of the photograph, they are urged to contact Lyndsey Daykin at Pickfords on 0203 188 2248

Pickfords Removal Man Stephen Millar wins award

Pickfords recognises excellent customer service each month by awarding a ‘Moving with Quality’ award to one customer champion.  The award recognises excellent service to a removal man (or woman) who goes the extra mile for his (or her) customers.  In August, Stephen Millar at Pickfords Glasgow branch was recognised for averting a serious road accident when he recently moved a family to Carstairs.   

Stephen’s customer had parked at the house with his two children still inside the car.  The customer jumped out of the car and went into the house to get something,  leaving his children still in their seatbelts.  Stephen was outside the house and realised that the customer’s car was moving on a slight gradient with the children still inside it.   He quickly ran over to the car and opened the door, but was unable to locate the hand brake because it was a switch on the dashboard. Unperturbed, he then decided to try and stop the car by brute force using his feet and hands.  Single handedly, in addition to stopping the car, Stephen managed to steer the car away from another vehicle in the drive (by turning the steering wheel from the outside of the car) and  prevented what could have been a very serious accident.

This definitely was not usual practice in the day of a life of a removal man and highlight’s Stephen’s quick thinking.  Congratulations to Stephen,  he is a credit to Pickfords.

Pickfords teams up with Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Clubcard on desk

Some great news this week. Pickfords has signed up with Tesco Clubcard and will now accept Tesco Rewards tokens as payment for a Pickfords removals bill.

The deal allows customers to get twice the value on their vouchers. For every £10 in Clubcard vouchers, customers will receive £20 worth of Clubcard rewards tokens to spend with Pickfords

There is no limit on voucher spend, so customers could pay for their entire removals through Clubcard if they have enough vouchers saved.

Claire Roshanzamir, Clubcard Senior Marketing Manager, Tesco, said: “Moving home can be costly so being able to make savings on removals expenses will really appeal to our customers.”

“Pickfords is our first moving home partner. We are always looking to offer customers more choice when it comes to spending their Clubcard vouchers and this is a great new addition to our 600 Reward partners.”

Find out more about how to get reward tokens to use against your removals.

Catch up TV

Did you miss any episodes of “The Removal Men – Pickfords”? Catch up on all of the episodes from our YouTube Channel. There was 6 episodes in total each bringing in an average of 1.2 million viewers that tuned in to the eight o’clock heroes each Wednesday at 8pm – so we are holding our audience!

Congratulations to all who took part and made it a great series.


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