Win a WHIZZPOPPING BFG soft toy! [competition now closed]

To celebrate the release of director Steven Spielberg’s THE BFG, in UK cinemas July 22, Pickfords, the official removals partner of The BFG Dream Jar Trail, is offering children the chance to win one of three WHIZZPOPPING BFG soft toys!

Encourage your child to draw their favourite dream and write their name in The BFG’s empty Dream Jar, take a photo of them with the drawing and post it as a Facebook Status on or Tweet it to @Pickfords before 31 August 2016.


We’ ll announce the winning entries via Facebook and Twitter on 13 September 2016. The winners will be contacted via direct message so we can post your prize!

To find out more about The BFG Dream Jar Trail and the new film, visit

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Oz trike trek propels Legion fundraising

Pickfords Truro is proud to sponsor ex-REME member Andy McReady, who will ride 2,493km (1,549 miles) from Perth to Port Augusta, Australia on a recumbent trike in aid of The Royal British Legion in September.

Sixty-seven-year-old Andy is expecting to make the journey, a distance nearly twice the length of mainland Britain, in 28 days plus six rest days,pulling a twin wheel trailer carrying camping equipment and food.

Andy hopes to raise as much money as possible for The Legion, a leading British charity who provide financial, social and emotional support to British armed forces veterans and their families.

Pickfords Truro will transport Andy’s trike to and from Perth to allow his ride to take place. Andy was quick to show his gratitude to his local Pickfords branch in a letter addressed to Damian Dawes, Truro Branch Manager:

“On behalf of myself and the Royal British Legion, thank you for for your agreement to sponsor my ride. Your company’s extremely generous offer will allow the ride to proceed. Our grateful thanks to you and your colleagues for your gracious help which is so gratefully received.”

If you would like to sponsor Andy for his incredible ride across Australia, please visit


Pickfords takes to the sea!

Powerboat design.jpg

Working with Carlin Racing on a striking new powerboat design

Preparations are well underway for this year’s P1 Superstock Championship. Not sure what that is? Imagine if Vin Diesel and his Fast & Furious crew swapped out their sports cars for high speed powerboats!

The annual marine motorsport series features 11 identical powerboats competing in five races across the UK, racing close to shore, tight and fast, making for a great public spectacle and a demanding task for the drivers and navigators.

This year’s Championship sees the Pickfords powerboat compete for the third time, once again helmed by veteran driver David Toozs-Hobson and navigator Chris Schreiber.

Pickfords has been working closely with Carlin Racing, employing their expertise in F3 motorsport to create a brand new design for our powerboat in partnership with leading currency broker TorFX.

P1 Gosport 2015 OnEvent Tim Piper

Last year’s powerboat cutting through the water at Gosport

The race sites for the 2016 Championship include, for the first time, the beautiful Greenock Bay in Inverclyde, Scotland, and Gosport, whose choppy conditions led to an unfortunate tumble for our crew in last year’s competition!

  • 14 May 2016 – Scarborough
  • 18 June 2016 – Greenock
  • 9 July 2016 – Gosport
  • 28 August 2016 – Cardiff
  • 3 September 2016 – Bournemouth

Watch this space for regular coverage of the upcoming Championship races!


Snapped cable spells disaster for Pickfords powerboat!

It was an eventful first, and only, race for the Pickfords powerboat at the final P1 Superstock Championship at Bournemouth this weekend!

Starting out strong, Pickfords climbed from 6th to 3rd place over two laps, but disaster struck just before the final lap when a vital cable snapped and the boat had to be towed back to shore!

Rough conditions meant that Pickfords were one of five boats that had to pull out due to damages, with three boats’ engines failing!

With no time to fix the powerboat ahead of Saturday’s second race, all hope was on Sunday’s events. Unfortunately Pickfords navigator Chris Scriber suffered a minor back injury just before the first race, meaning that, without a co-pilot, the boat couldn’t take part on the final day.

Thankfully Chris had fully recovered as of Monday morning, and in spite an ill-fated final weekend, a strong start to the Championship has kept Pickfords in 6th place to finish.

Pickfords employees from the Bournemouth branch and head office visited the marina as spectators, with some, including Managing Director Russell Start, braving the water and taking rides on the boat. Bruised and battered after several bumpy rides, the guests nonetheless had a great time and look forward to next year’s Championship!

P1 Powerboat Bournemouth 2015 Tim Piper

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

Personal record for Pickfords powerboat racers

With cloudy skies but little wind and rain, the Pickfords powerboat racers mostly avoided battling the elements at this weekend’s Powerboat P1 SuperStock Championship, making it all to play for against ten rival teams.

In spite setting a personal record of 69 points across Saturday and Sunday, our boys sadly couldn’t match their early 3rd place victory at Scarborough, coming in 5th over the weekend, remaining 6th in the league table.

With the Championship final set for two weeks’ time, can Pickfords driver David Toozs-Hobson and navigator Christopher Schreiber beat the odds and finish near the top of the table?

Pickfords Powerboat Cardiff 2015

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

WIN a powerboat experience ride! (competition now closed)

As part of Pickfords’ participation in this year’s P1 SuperStock Championship, Sky Sports are offering YOU the chance to win an experience ride in a Panther Powerboat of of the next race weekend in Cardiff on 30 August!

Click here to enter and for full details of the competition.

Closing date 24 August 2015.

Good luck!

P1 Gosport 2015 OnEvent Tim Piper

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

Pickfords powerboat racers stay dry this weekend

Round 3 of the Powerboat P1 SuperStock Championship at Hull this weekend saw Pickfords’ racers David Toozs-Hobson and Christopher Schreiber recover from their disastrous tumble at Gosport, earning a respectable 48 points over four races.

Unfortunately their efforts this weekend weren’t quite enough to bring them back to the top of the league table; at 124 points the team stand just shy of the top 5 by a single point.

With two more rounds to go, David and Christopher are determined to make the most of the final races, aiming for that coveted podium finish they had a taste of back in Round 1.

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

Pickfords’ powerboat gearing up for race weekend

The Pickfords powerboat team David Toozs-Hobson and Christopher Schreiber are busy preparing for another exciting Powerboat P1 SuperStock Championship weekend!

David & Christopher will be eager to regain their 3rd place position after the boat tragically overturned in last month’s tumultuous conditions at Gosport, leaving them in 5th place overall.

Luckily there’s little sign of stormy weather for this weekend’s races in Kingston upon Hull, so a podium finish may well be on the cards for round 3!


Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

Pickfords’ powerboat takes a tumble!

Disaster struck at this weekend’s P1 SuperStock Championship, as the Pickfords Powerboat overturned during Saturday’s second race in Gosport!

Fighting high waves and gale-force winds, driver and navigator David Toozs-Hobson and Chris Schreiber were propelled into the water mid-race but thankfully unhurt, though the boat was sadly too damaged to take part in Sunday’s races.

Pickfords' powerboat driver tumbles into the water at Gosport

Pickfords’ powerboat driver tumbles into the water at Gosport

All was not lost however, as in spite finishing third in the opening race, the two-man team was promoted to second place after the original runners-up were disqualified when it was discovered that their boat’s hatch had blown off!

After a podium finish at the Championship’s first weekend at Scarborough back in May, this weekend’s incident places the Pickfords Powerboat currently in fifth place overall.

However, the powerboat is under repair and expected to be in tip-top condition ahead of the third leg of the Championship in Hull next month!

The powerboat makes good progress before the waves overturn it

The powerboat makes good progress before the waves cause it to overturn

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015:

Pickfords’ powerboat readying for round 2 this weekend!

David Toozs-Hobson and Chris Schreiber are getting ready to race the Pickfords Powerboat in Gosport, South Hampshire this weekend!

Competing in the second round in the Powerboat P1 SuperStock Championship, the husband and wife team will be looking to secure their third place position, achieved at the opening race at Scarborough in May.

The annual P1 SuperStock Championship races P1 Panther Powerboats in five events each season. Known as the “Grand Prix of the Sea”, the SuperStock courses are close to shore, tight and fast, making for a great spectacle!

Good luck to David & Chris in Pickfords #22!

P1 Scarborough 2015 OnEvent Tim Piper

Blog series – Pickfords Powerboat 2015: