Office disposal: how to follow the waste hierarchy [infographic]

Whether you’re moving office, refurbishing or downsizing, proper disposal of furniture and IT equipment is an absolute must for modern businesses. Not only do customers expect companies to demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, but failing to do so could result in a fine or prosecution under the Environmental Protection Act.

When undergoing a disposal project, the government expects business to follow the waste management hierarchy, which prioritises how furniture and IT is disposed:

Waste management hierarchy

The waste management hierarchy


The government requires that, as far as possible, companies prevent the production of waste. Organisations have three main options to achieve this:

  1. Resell your furniture and IT to another party to earn money from your assets
  2. Donate the items to a charity, school or local cause
  3. Redistribute them to other company locations


If waste cannot be prevented, the next option is to reuse the assets. Businesses can invest in remodelling, to bring the assets back to a useable state and reinsert them into the business.


If the assets are not in a fit state for reuse, they can be taken to a recycling centre to be stripped to their base components, and the components reused in other ways.

Energy recovery

If even the components of your assets are beyond use, they can undergo biomass incineration to recover their energy for repurposing.


If the assets are unsuitable for incineration, the final option is disposal via landfill.

Managing your waste: a complete solution

If you are undergoing a disposal project, Pickfords Business Solutions will manage your assets and apply the waste management hierarchy on your behalf. Pickfords will collect your assets from site, tag and track them to identify how they can be disposed of.

Pickfords always follows the waste management hierarchy, prioritising prevention before any other option. We always strive for 0% to landfill, only disposing of items once all other options are exhausted.

Preparing for an office removal or disposal project? Pickfords Business Solutions provides a complete recycling and removals service to thousands of UK organisations. Click here to find out more or get a quote today.

Reduce, reuse, recycle – staying green during your office move

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Whether you’re a large multi-national or a growing start-up, research shows that communicating a strong CSR message is an absolute must for any modern business.

Customers and clients want to see organisations being environmentally responsible in all their business activities, and partnering with companies who will do the same.

If your business is planning to dispose of furniture, filing, IT or other equipment as part of an office move or refurbishment, you will also be affected by environmental legislation to dispose of such waste safely and environmentally.

Failure to support the legislation could result in poor publicity, fines or even prosecution under the Environmental Protection Act.

So what are your options?

Audit your assets

Before you move, have an audit carried out to verify the condition of your unwanted assets; this will help you understand how each item can be recycled.

You can also arrange asset tracking at this point so the end-point of each asset can be accurately reported to your stakeholders.

Ask your removal company if it can provide an integrated environmental recycling and reuse service.  Pickfords provides a service which can be integrated at the time of your office move

Sell your unwanted furniture

Any assets that still have a reuse value can be sold into the local marketplace. Your removal company may offer to share the profits of this service with you.

Donate your unwanted furniture

Re-usable assets can be donated to local organisations such as schools, charities or community projects.

Pickfords frequently work with the British Heart Foundation to help raise money for vital research through furniture recycling.


Assets not fit for reuse can be dismantled and segregated into component parts (metal, wood and plastic) so they can be recycled at local centres.

Pickfords is a licensed waste carrier with a national network of regional environmental hubs to effectively manage the recycling and reuse of company assets both locally and nationally. Click here to find out how Pickfords can help you meet your environmental targets through asset recycling.

Six year old Robin designs Pickfords’ corporate Christmas card

This year’s Pickfords corporate Christmas card was the result of an idea to raise money for the NSPCC.   Pickfords employees Richard Summers and Mike Weatherburn came up with the idea to create a ‘Design our Christmas card Competition’. As a governor of St Georges School in Amersham, Mike took the idea to the Head teacher Toby Long who made the arrangements to create a fun competition for all the pupils, aged between three and seven years old.

One hundred and forty pupils took part and a winner and three runner ups were chosen.   The winner was six year old Robin Lawrence.

Robin Lawrence Winner of Pickfords' competition

Pickfords spokesperson Lyndsey Daykin said, “The competition standard was high and it was very difficult to choose a winner.  In the end, we felt Robin’s design captured so many elements of Christmas and ultimately made us all smile.  Congratulations to Robin and all the pupils that took part”

Robin’s design will be turned into a digital Christmas card to be sent to Pickfords customers and clients this Christmas.  Pickfords will make a donation to the NSPCC for every card sent, as part of its fund raising activities for its principal charity.

Order a letter from Santa for your children

Pickfords has been supporting the NSPCC for the last year and has so far raised £62,000 to help put an end to child cruetly.  This is a great idea for Christmas. You can order a beautifully designed, personal letter from Santa for your Children. The letter will arrive, addressed to them with good wishes from Santa Claus himself. The letter costs just £5, which will be your donation to the UK’s leading children’s charity the NSPCC. This is a great way to raise money for children. Create some magic this Christmas with a letter from Santa.