Pickfords moves Dorchester dinosaur!

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removal and storage company, stopped the traffic in Dorchester to help move a life-sized dinosaur model earlier this month.

Tricky the Triceratops is a long term resident of the Dinosaur Museum in Icen Way, Dorchester. Owners Mike and Jackie Ridley decided that Tricky was showing signs of age and needed a makeover. The work could not be carried out on site, so Tricky had to be moved to a workshop where the model could be cleaned and repainted.

Pickfords was called in to move Tricky from the museum, via crane onto a flat bed vehicle, ready to be driven to the workshop. It took four men to move the model and one to watch the fragile tail as the large dinosaur inched past telephone wires and metal railings. The road had to be closed and crowds gathered to watch Tricky ‘hang’ in the air briefly,  prior to resting safely on the vehicle.

The whole move was filmed as part of Channel 5’s new series of The Removal Men, a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Pickfords and its customers.

Curator Tim Batty said ‘Pickfords was keen to help and thought that the move would be ideal for the TV programme. Tricky will be returning after a few weeks with a new finish to take pride of place in the Dinosaur Museum’s outside area. The triceratops will be away from the museum for as short a time as possible, as he is a firm favourite with visitors to the Museum and local families who pass by on a regular basis.’