Office disposal: how to follow the waste hierarchy [infographic]

Whether you’re moving office, refurbishing or downsizing, proper disposal of furniture and IT equipment is an absolute must for modern businesses. Not only do customers expect companies to demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, but failing to do so could result in a fine or prosecution under the Environmental Protection Act.

When undergoing a disposal project, the government expects business to follow the waste management hierarchy, which prioritises how furniture and IT is disposed:

Waste management hierarchy

The waste management hierarchy


The government requires that, as far as possible, companies prevent the production of waste. Organisations have three main options to achieve this:

  1. Resell your furniture and IT to another party to earn money from your assets
  2. Donate the items to a charity, school or local cause
  3. Redistribute them to other company locations


If waste cannot be prevented, the next option is to reuse the assets. Businesses can invest in remodelling, to bring the assets back to a useable state and reinsert them into the business.


If the assets are not in a fit state for reuse, they can be taken to a recycling centre to be stripped to their base components, and the components reused in other ways.

Energy recovery

If even the components of your assets are beyond use, they can undergo biomass incineration to recover their energy for repurposing.


If the assets are unsuitable for incineration, the final option is disposal via landfill.

Managing your waste: a complete solution

If you are undergoing a disposal project, Pickfords Business Solutions will manage your assets and apply the waste management hierarchy on your behalf. Pickfords will collect your assets from site, tag and track them to identify how they can be disposed of.

Pickfords always follows the waste management hierarchy, prioritising prevention before any other option. We always strive for 0% to landfill, only disposing of items once all other options are exhausted.

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RSPCA animals kept warm by Pickfords’ recyling and reuse service

Pickfords Business Solutions’ launched an environmental service at the end of 2010 to provide recycling and reuse services to help companies across the UK dispose of unwanted assets.  The service aims to help companies meet their environmental targets when faced with the disposal of redundant furniture and IT equipment and provides a cost effective alternative to landfill.

The service includes asset tagging, collection and delivery to a Pickfords storage facility.   Items that can be reused are placed locally with not- for-profit organisations, community groups or furniture resellers.  Other items are stripped of their components and metal, wood and plastic and recycled.  The entire process is tracked and certification provided so clients can demonstrate their environmental credentials.

Nicki Brotherston,  Head of Environmental Reuse said,  “one of the great things about being in the recycling and waste management business is being able to identify useful items and then send them to deserving causes.   The RSPCA is a key member of our Partner Network and we will continue to work closely with them.”

If you are a charity that could benefit from office furniture or other office assets,  don’t hesitate to call Pickfords Business Solutions on 0121 326 1785