We will remember them: Pickfords and the Great War

This weekend, as the country commemorates the end of the hostilities of World War I, we are reminded of the realities of wartime, an inseparable part of Pickfords’ history.

The First World War

The Great War changed the way people and businesses went about their daily lives, as people and companies were deployed to help the war effort. By 1915, most of Pickfords’ resources were requisitioned. Like the London buses, Pickfords vehicles carried the materials of war, as well as troops to the front in France.

The Second World War

Pickfords was again very active during the Second World War. The company sent its lighters (flat bottomed barges) between Solent ports and the Isle of Wight to join the Little Ships that made their way across the Channel to evacuate the beaches at Dunkirk.

The company also helped transport temporary portable harbours, called Mulberry harbours, from throughout the UK to the South Coast in advance of D-Day. The harbours were then shipped across the Channel and rebuilt off the D-Day beaches to allow the Allies to land supplies before they captured one of the Normandy Ports.

This weekend we remember all those who have died as a result of wars, both modern and historic. Let us never forget the sacrifices made by so many.