How to keep your home secure

Whether you’ve just moved in and want to keep your new property protected, are selling up and want to reassure potential buyers, or simply want to prepare for the unexpected, there are a number of ways you can improve the security of your home to protect against theft or break-in.

Replace the locks

It can be difficult to keep track of who holds keys to your property, and impossible if you’ve just moved in. It’s good practice to change your locks every few years, and for extra security, ensure all windows, garage doors and side gates have working locks.

Install an alarm system

Home improvement stores offer a wide range of simple yet effective alarm systems to deter unwanted visitors. Some modern systems allow you to set up home zones, ideal if you want to alarm the house at night but leave certain areas free for bathroom trips or pets roaming around. Wireless systems allow for the greatest flexibility, while some wired systems can be monitored by a security company.

Install a two-way intercom

Intercoms allow you to check who’s at the front door or gate before letting them in. Opt for one with a screen to see the caller as well as hear them.

Set up CCTV

A great visual deterrent, modern CCTV systems start recording when movement is detected around your home, and can include night-vision mode and remote access via your smartphone.

Rethink where your keys are stored

Many homeowners store their keys in the hallway or right by the front door. Unfortunately, thieves can spot these through letterboxes and smash the glass or feed a wire hook through the letterbox to retrieve they keys. Keep your keys well away from the front door to avoid such incidences.

Consider outdoor lighting

Sensor-driven lighting above your front and back doors can startle potential intruders and discourage them from trying to enter.

Secure the shed

It’s easy to forget, but the contents of your shed can be worth a lot of money. Protect your power tools, bikes and barbecues with a strong lock and alarm system, or better yet, a sturdy metal shed.

Invest in a safe

For optimum protection of your valuables, install a safe in your home. Floor or wall safes can be easily concealed so thieves won’t know where to look.

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